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Practical Guidelines for Individuals Who Want to Succeed in Sunburst Pageants

Many individuals who dream to be popular either in beauty pageant competitions, modeling or in any other field of entertainment industry consider joining Sunburst pageants. Sunburst pageants became one of the popular beauty pageants and model search in the country and North America. In its 31 years of discovering new beauties and talents, many of its candidates have already turned into successful beauty pageant title holders, models, artists and performers. This pageant is composed of different age divisions so that babies, children, teens and young adults are given the chance to show off their talent, skills and personality in the competition.

The Many Places That Celebrate Sunburst Pageants Sunburst Pageants

Sunburst beauty pageant is widely recognized as the premier beauty pageant, model search pageant and baby contest throughout North America like South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. This is generally recognized in the 45 states of U.S. as well as in other parts of the world like Canada and Puerto Rico.

Both the thrill and fun offered by Sunburst pageants start at the preliminary level. Competitions in the preliminary level are held in different cities of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This happens from September to April every year. The winners and runners-up from preliminary pageants are going to compete in their respective state. Then, all winners and runners-up will contend at the international level. The competition for international level is held in different places each year.

How to Join Sunburst Pageants

Joining Sunburst pageants is easy. It doesn’t need a lot of requirements. You simply need to present yourself and to pass the form you need to fill out. You can download the form online for free. You can also fill it out at least one hour before the contest begins because there will be available forms at the pageant. Don’t forget to bring money for there are contest fees that have to be paid.

For baby contest, there is a mandated fee amounting to $45. Children will present themselves on stage with their parent or guardian. They have to smile to display their cuteness before the judges. For a model search pageant, candidates have to pay a mandated model search fee amounting to $45, too. No interview or talent is needed to be included in the event. The candidates will simply line up with their age group and present themselves on stage one at a time. Every candidate will model their attire on the center of the stage.

Joining a beauty pageant has a mandated fee also amounting to $45. Candidates who want to compete in the other events of the pageant are required to pay corresponding fees. A $10 fee is required for each of these categories; best smile, best attire, best personality, prettiest hair, prettiest eyes and top model face. A $15 fee is also required if you will compete in the photogenic competition. Sunburst Pageants also offer Super Saver for candidates who want to join in all events. This amounts to $110.00.

The Simple Criteria of Judging the Candidates

Sunburst pageants do not involve interview and presentation of talents, but every candidate will be judged based on their good looks, personality and total appearance. For six years old under, judges prefer to see natural beauty. Only little make up is recommended because the judges believe that natural beauty will glow even with simple makeup.

Babies with age ranging from one month to four years old will receive their score as soon as they step up the center stage. They should be in their best behavior. Those with tantrums will not receive a high score. Girls with age ranging from five to 27 years old will be judged on how they present themselves on center stage. Judges will be looking at their beauty, personality and total appearance.

As what most individuals who have joined the Sunburst pageants experienced, joining pageants is not tough at all. As long as you possess the beauty and the passion to awe the audience with your winning personality, it is not impossible for you to make it up to the international level of the competition. There are great opportunities that await winners in the Sunburst pageants.

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