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What You Should Know About Sunburst Pageant

Do you possess the kind of beauty that charms everyone? Do you enjoy walking on the runway to flaunt your assets and showcase your worth? Do you dream to be discovered by a talent agency? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then you should join a Sunburst pageant. Sunburst Pageant is a talent and model search pageant that is popular in North America. Many of its present and former candidates have appeared in commercials, television programs, movies and other fields of entertainment. Sunburst Pageant can truly serve as your door to reach your dreams.

Sunburst Pageant: What Is It, Really?  Sunburst Pageant

Individuals who are well-versed on premier beauty pageants, model search pageants, and baby contests know very well what Sunburst pageant is. It is popular in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and many other states in U.S. The name Sunburst pageant is also well known internationally such as in Canada.

This pageant usually takes place from September to April every year in the 45 states of U.S. including Canada. This is a very well-established beauty pageant, model search pageant, and baby contest so the winners of this pageant earn high prestige and marketability. All Sunburst pageants start with a preliminary round. The winners advance to the state and international levels. Sunburst pageants are also divided in several age groups. Candidates are strictly required to compete in their age group. 

A Glimpse on the Early Years of Sunburst Pageant

It was in the year 1981 when Sunburst Pageant started out on its quest to discover beautiful new faces. For 31 years, this pageant was able to discover competent individuals to model in print ads, do commercials, appear in TV shows and act in movies. It is also a stepping stone in joining a more prestigious beauty pageant.

Sunburst pageant prides to look back in the past for a number of state title holders of Miss America came from this pageant. Two Sunburst candidates have also worn the crown of Miss America and Miss USA. There are also several stars in movies who came from the Sunburst pageant. Some of them have appeared in The Littlest Angel, The Young and the Restless, Halloween Movies and It Could Be You.

The Sunburst pageant organizers were able to get major sponsorships from various media and multinational companies. This is the reason why many of Sunburst pageant contestants appear in commercials of these companies or were asked to work as product endorsers. Some of these companies are Disney, Burger King, Toys R’ Us, Walmart, and many others. The Sunburst pageant was also featured in Travel and Discovery channels.

Who Are Eligible To Join the Sunburst Pageant?

Almost everyone can join the Sunburst pageant. This pageant has different age divisions so babies, kids, teens and young adults can show off their beautiful face and competencies. Boys and girls starting from infant to three years old can join the pageant. The pageant is also open for girls from four to 27 years old. 

Specifically, Sunburst pageant is mainly divided in two divisions: baby division and 4-27 division. The baby division is open for infants and children. Babies under one year old can join Baby Queen and Baby King Categories. One year old children can join the competition for Tiny Queen and Tiny King. Meanwhile, children who age two and three can join the competition for Little Queen and Little King.

The second division, 4-27 division, is composed of five categories. These five categories are composed of: Pee Wee, open for four to six years; Little Miss, open for seven to 10 years; Pre Teen, open for 11 to 13 years; Teen, open for 14 to 17 years; and Miss, open for 18 to 27 years.

Awards That Await Sunburst Pageant Winners

Sunburst pageant is claimed as one of the pageants in United States that gives excellent awards. The participants of this pageant can win sashes, banners, trophies and crowns. The pageant for the state level offers more than $20,000 in the form of cash and prizes along with the opportunity to advance to the international level. Meanwhile, the international level offers more promising awards where more than $2 million will be given in savings bonds and prizes.

Sunburst pageant also offers a number of minor awards for smile, attire, prettiest eyes, hair and personality. Sunburst pageant also provides awards for photogenic, school wear, swimwear, portfolio, talent and many more. Another beautiful thing in joining Sunburst pageant is that it gives every candidate a special trophy. With this, no one will go home with the spirit of a loser.

Through Sunburst pageant, many individuals are given the chance to realize their dream. The beautiful opportunities that this pageant offers are the main reasons why more and more aspirants are joining the competition. So if you believe you have something to show, join a Sunburst pageant.

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