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Teen Pageant Florida: Celebrating the Magic of Youth

Without a doubt, youth is such an exciting phase in people’s lives. It is a period of self-discover, of seeking new adventures, of breaking new grounds, and of trying to find one’s place in the society.

Teenage girls, especially, are usually starting to become more aware of the changes in their bodies and become increasingly eager to win friends and meet people. This urge to socialize is pretty much normal, and sure helps a lot in developing confidence in young girls.

Developing Self-esteem through Beauty PageantsPageant Florida

Perhaps one of the best ways teenage girls turn to develop their self-esteem is by joining a pageant. Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is specifically huge on such pageants. Every year, it plays host to many exciting beauty pageants held especially for teenage girls.

Take a quick look at some of the most prestigious pageant Florida held annually:

Miss Florida American Coed Pageant. This particular pageant encourages candidates to show their natural beauty, which is exactly why makeup is almost non-existent among pageant contestants. Candidates aged 13 below are particularly prohibited from wearing makeup during the conduct of the pageant. The pageant participants’ attire and stage numbers are also ensured to be wholesome and age-appropriate. Girls aged 17-19 may participate. The national competitions are held in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney Resort.

Miss Teen Florida Latina. This competition is open to all teenage girls of Latin American lineage, such as Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American. Aspirants aged 14-18 may join the pageant. Florida winners will be advancing to the national contest.

Miss Teen Earth Florida. Teenage girls with a soft spot for Mother Nature should give this pageant Florida a try. Every year, Florida hosts this pageant to determine its representative to the Miss Teen USA, the winner of which gets the right to represent the country in the Miss Earth beauty pageant.

Miss Teen Florida USA. Arguably the most prestigious beauty pageant Florida, the Miss Teen Florida USA is the official qualifying pageant to the Miss Teen USA owned by business tycoon Donald Trump. Aspirants aged 13-18 who have won the top place in local pageants can participate in the Miss Teen Florida USA.

Miss Florida Teen Essence. This not-your-usual pageant is a salute to the “essence of today’s modern women.” The pageant is regularly held in the region of South Florida, with the eventual winner advancing and representing the state in the National Essence Pageant. Teenage girls aged 13-17 are eligible to join. Unlike most other pageants, girls who are married can join in the Essence competitions, provided they satisfy all the other requirements set by the organizers. It is also open to young women of every possible cultural and racial background. It is, essentially, a very liberal pageant Florida.

Preparing for the Pageant

Since there are a lot of pageants that a young Florida girl can join, it is important to remember some very simple, yet highly effective tips to ensure a memorable pageant experience.

Here are some of the best things to do when joining a pageant Florida:

Know your strengths and talents. Since almost all beauty pageants require question and answers and talent portions, aspirants should therefore ensure that they can perform under pressure. Most judges are not easily swayed into favoring just pretty faces; instead, they cast their votes on the candidates whom they believe best personify beauty with substance.

Learn the rules. It is of huge importance that candidates read all the rules of a pageant in Florida. Most of the time, highly qualified and heavily-favored candidates get disqualified or lose their edge over other contestants over simple lapses and violations of pageant rules. Hence, be sure that you have read and understood very well all the rules and regulations set by the organizing committee of the pageant you wish to participate into.

Prepare very well. As mentioned, beauty without substance won’t automatically land you the title. Therefore, come to the pageant Florida emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared so you can easily show grace under pressure and win the hearts of the judges and the crowd.

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