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A Review of the Different Orlando Pageants

In Orlando, Florida alone, there are already bunches of beauty pageants that are held every year. This is the primary reason why most of the people who are aspiring to become a beauty titlist may find it a little difficult to choose the particular beauty pageant that is right for them. Most of the Orlando pageants are not the same. Each of them is unique from the others in terms of purpose, rules and requirements. The succeeding discussions intend to provide a guide in sorting the Orlando pageants that match every woman’s capabilities and wants.

The Different Nature of Orlando Pageants Orlando Pageants

The individuals who plan to join a beauty pageant in Orlando should know the different kinds of Orlando pageants. This will provide them the opportunity to see their varying nature. For instance, The Little Miss, Mister, Teen, Miss, and Mrs. Citrus Pageant are designed as model search competitions. This is, in fact, described as a fashion show.

The Ms. Florida pageant, on the other hand, is a beauty pageant designed only for women, and it carries the spirit of community service. In this pageant, the women will be involved in community-based programs on a national scale. Lastly, there are Orlando pageants that are designed for seniors. One of these is the Senior America wherein women more than the age of 60 are given the opportunity to enrich their lives as well as enrich the lives of others.

The Differing Rules and Requirements of Orlando Pageants

Orlando pageants have different sets of rules and requirements. Some prefer to have the candidates with glitz makeup while others prefer that their candidates flaunt their natural beauty. There are also Orlando pageants that have non-stringent requirements, while others have very stringent qualifications. The Miss Florida, for instance, is only open for women 17 years old and above. Their chosen candidates should also meet the character criteria presented by the organization, should be in good health, have never been pregnant, and have never adopted a child.

Meanwhile, the Little Miss, Mister, Teen, Miss, and Mrs. Citrus Pageant have different categories that are open both for boys and girls. The age requirements start from 0 to 23 month -ld babies, two to 12 year-old children, 13 to 19 year-old teens, and 20 to 30 year-old and up adults. The Senior America doesn’t have so many requirements, too. It is open for women 60 years and above and who still want to display their inner beauty.

The Different Locations of Orlando Pageants

Orlando is popular for its nickname, ‘The City Beautiful.’ Its nickname clearly suggests that the place of Orlando offers a lot of beautiful places. In fact, Orlando attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. Why not? It has the Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista and many more. There are also other places in Orlando that are perfect for beauty pageants. Florida has a lot of beautiful hotels with a conference center, theaters and open fields where beauty pageants can perfectly be held. The aspirants can visit such places and find out if they see themselves fitted to the Orlando pageants they will be watching.

The Different Avenues to Search for Orlando Pageants

There are many avenues where young ladies and women can search for Orlando pageants. They can check online since most of these pageant competitions have their own websites. Individuals who are aspiring to join an Orlando pageant will surely find the needed information to guide them. The candidates can also submit their application and learn the rules and requirements online.

There are also web portals and directories that provide information about the different Orlando beauty pageants. Other ways to find information on the different Orlando pageants are through the tri-media and recommendations from friends and family. Of course, you can visit the offices of various Orlando pageant organizers.  With these tips, you can surely find the Orlando pageants that will best suit your personality. 

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