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Natural Beauty Pageants 101 – Definition, Objectives and Rules

Advocates of natural beauty don’t need to ban make-ups, surgeries and extensions anymore. There are special pageants that seek the same kind of beauty—the natural beauty pageants. While most of the beauty pageants are full of glitz and glamour, these pageants are full of beauty and reality. 

What is a Natural Beauty Pageant?Natural Beauty Pageants

Chances are, you have already witnessed a glitz beauty pageant. Major beauty contests like Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International are all glitz. These pageants promote beauty, elegance, grace and all the glitter and glamour of a royalty. No wonder why winners in glitz contests are often referred to as the ‘beauty queen.’ But even without the elegance, glitter or glamour, a woman can still be judged as a beauty queen. That is, if she has won in one of the natural beauty pageants in the country.

Unlike in the glitz counterpart, contestants in natural beauty pageants should have never gone under the knife, should wear a little or no make-up and should not wear hair extension or flippers. There are more rules to natural pageants. But basically, the rules guide the contestants to highlight their natural beauty rather than cover it up by too much superficiality. Even the dress is more conservative. That’s why swimsuit competition is very rare in natural beauty pageants.

Objectives of Natural Beauty Pageants

Natural beauty pageants were created to deviate from the traditional type of beauty pageants where False and Too Much are very common. But these two opposing teams have similar objectives. They both raise the self-esteem and self-worth of contestants. Being crowned as the most beautiful woman or at least qualifying as one of the contestants is already a great compliment for ladies. These pageants also raise their confidence and help them overcome shyness and let go of their inhibitions.

But natural beauty pageants are more focused on the striking personality, natural charm and pleasing character of the contestants. Of course, this is aside from the physical beauty that they posses. These pageants also promote simplicity, which is something that the glitz pageants don’t have.

All natural beauty pageants have their very specific objectives. Dream Girls USA Pageant, for example, is seeking for girls with a well-rounded character and with leadership potentials. Meanwhile, Rising Star Pageant promotes healthy self-esteem in a Christian environment, while Grateful Pageant encourages happiness, positive relationship-building, and creativity.

Natural Beauty Pageant Rules

To put it simply, natural beauty pageants do not allow anything fake—may it be false eyelashes or surgical enhancement of breasts. Thus, the real natural beauty pageants are usually those catering for babies, toddlers, and children. America’s Fabulous Faces, for example, is a competition of personality and facial beauty for children. That’s why the make-up should be age-appropriate. Make-up is allowed but it should not make a baby look like a five-year-old.

In the case of My Royal Crown, children nine years old and below can only wear lip gloss while kids 10 to 12 are allowed to wear lip gloss and light pressed powder. No eye make-up or foundation is allowed.

America’s Tropical Beauties allows light make-up but there should be no hair pieces, fake eyelashes or false teeth. The Glass Slippers Beauty Pageant encourages age-appropriate make-up and no spray tan. Swimsuit competition is not allowed.

Swimsuits are also big no-no’s for the Southern Grace Pageants. But what tells this apart from the others is that it doesn’t judge based on the facial features but on the first impression, self-confidence, stage presence and personality. So, this particular pageant allows heavy make-up as long as there is no fake hair, spray tans or false teeth.

Some Natural Pageants in USA

Since natural beauty pageants do not allow anything fake, it wouldn’t be a surprise why most of them cater to babies, toddlers, children and teens. Among these are Dream Girls USA, My Royal Crown, The Glass Slippers, and America’s Fabulous Faces. These are all national competitions joined by everyone from Florida, New York, Illinois and the rest of the USA.

Similar competitions cater for more age divisions aside from the younger ones. Pride of America, for instance, has Toddler, Young Miss, Jr. Teen, Miss Teen, Youth, Queen Miss and Queen of Queens. The same goes for Miss Fierce Pageants with its Baby Miss, Tiny Miss, Tween Miss, Teen Miss, Elegant Miss, Collegiate Miss and a lot more.

The only thing obvious about natural beauty pageants is that they are not yet as popular as the conventional competitions. But you can take that as an advantage because the more unpopular the contest is, the more it can be a great starting point for beginners. So, if you want to have the first step into beauty competitions, natural beauty pageants are the perfect starting point.

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