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Why Married Women Join the Prestigious Mrs. Florida Pageant

The prestigious Mrs. Florida pageant that honors beautiful married women happens every month of May. The amazing pageant with the slogan, “Living our dreams while making a difference” is one of the most exciting state events. A showdown of beauty, wit, guts and spirit, the contest encourages all accomplished married women from Florida with the courage to stand up and be recognized to join.

Joining is easy and the rewards are amazing. Winners will be called to perform important roles and functions. The title-holder for Mrs. Florida will be asked to choose where to make appearances. It is strongly believed that the appearance of Mrs. Florida in any event is a presence of women empowerment and inspiration and will definitely be a great addition to the event. 

Mrs. Florida: the Gateway to a More Prestigious Eventmrs florida

Mrs. Florida is the state preliminary to Mrs. International. The venue for this event changes every year. It is often and typically completed in beautiful hotel-resorts within Florida every year. To join, application forms are available online. There is a choice to register online or just download the application form, fill it out and mail it back to the organizer’s address at Mrs. Florida- America Pageant 5544 Wildflower Road, Orlando Florida 32821. Also, there is an application fee of $50.

Married women who wish to join the Mrs. Florida pageant are encouraged to read and note about the contest guidelines. The basic guidelines require that anyone who wish to join should be based in Florida, a natural woman, married and in good physical and mental condition. In addition to that, a prospective participant also needs to note about the appropriate dresses required to be worn for the production number as well as during the different stages of the contest proper. It is stated that a prospective participant does not need to have a platform, any involvement in social activities or affiliation to any organization to qualify, although this will be asked in the registration form.

Judging Mrs. Florida Contestants

The different stages of the competition include an opening number (a jewel-colored dress or cocktail is required. Wearing any other color or black is prohibited), fitness competition (aerobic suit is required), private interview (either pantsuit or a suit with skirt is required) and evening gown competition (gown must be floor-length and may be in any color.)

Every stage of the competition proper for Mrs. Florida, aside from the opening number, corresponds to a scoring percentage. There is 33.33% each coming from the fitness competition, private interview and evening gown competition. The final presentation allows the judges to have their over-all impression about the contestants, scoring them from one to five (range 1-5).

Previous Pageant Experience Not Necessary

If the applicant qualifies after the initial screening process based on application forms, a notification will be sent. Some paper works may follow if the registration is approved. Prospective applicants for Mrs. Florida do not have to be experienced beauty pageant contestants. There is a high record of participants who have joined the contest for their first time and competed successfully. Contrary to common idea, it is not necessary for anyone joining this prestigious event to have a pageant coach. The organizers of Mrs. Florida believe that self-confidence is all that it takes to unleash the best in every married woman. 

Mrs. Florida is a very good way to bring out the potential and the best of a married woman. A crown, cash prize, jewelry, all-expense paid trip and more await the winner. But perhaps, the best of all these is that the winner is given an opportunity to fulfill her dreams.

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