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Mrs. Florida Pageant: A Beauty Pageant for a Cause

Every year since its establishment in 1982, the Mrs. Florida pageant remains to strongly attract married women. These women representing different sectors of the society have gathered together in order to share the noble sentiment of making a difference. As a way to advocate that sentiment and inspire other people, the pageant promotes the physical appeal of women within the vow of marriage.

Mrs. Florida is ultimately the celebration of the spirit and inner beauty of married women through their involvement in various projects while these activities bring immense good benefits to the community. As the winner performs the role of a beauty queen, the event re-asserts the important and often neglected position of women in the society.

The Good Cause of Mrs. Florida Pageantmrs florida pageant

Mrs. Florida pageant aims for every married woman to discover their greater self-worth and to bring them self-fulfillment. Its meaningful community projects are proofs that the pageant upholds the values of marriage, family and community service. Contrary to common misconceptions, the event is not one hundred percent about the gorgeous looks that Mrs. Florida contestants and title holders undeniably have.

Some Notable Winners in Mrs. Florida

Many of the winners of Mrs. Florida pageant are highly esteemed in their respective roles in the society and more so, after the pageant. Mrs. Florida 2008 Jaclyn Stapp is an accomplished writer and philanthropist even before winning the title. She is now visibly engaged into projects that seek individual empowerment. The beauty queen travels to places in order to inspire the youth living under risky conditions and to make them realize how special and worthy individuals they are. Jaclyn is a wife to Grammy winner Scott Stapp. She is the head of the foundation dedicated to reach out to children and families in need which her husband Scott founded in 2000.

One can see past winners already enjoying respect and good reputation in their personal and public endeavors. Mrs. Florida 2010 Kellie Lightbourn is an accomplished lawyer. The beauty queen is a wife to equally gorgeous Nick Lightbourn and a mother to two beautiful children. Even before winning the Mrs. Florida pageant, Kellie is already into volunteerism and has been receiving recognitions for her well-accomplished works as a volunteer including Eckerd’s “Woman of the Year”.

Mrs. Florida Pageant Helps Fulfill Dreams

The accomplished title holders mentioned might bring you to a conclusion as regards the pageant’s standards. Though they are already accomplished even before joining the pageant, this does not mean, that a woman has to be such in order to join the pageant. Joining the pageant is regardless of pageant experience and affiliations.

Mrs. Florida 2011 April Lufriu is one of the very inspiring winners. She is indeed impressive for she was known to possess the strong spirit of a true beautiful woman. The forty-two year old won the titles for Mrs. America and Mrs. World after representing the state of Florida in the two pageants.

A retinal degenerative disease did not hinder April in fulfilling her dreams. She won the Mrs. Florida pageant title only after several attempts. Things culminated successfully when she won the title in 2011after her third try. She makes sure that everything is right on track by managing well her marriage, motherhood, business and volunteerism which receive the attention they deserve. Currently, she is into organizing charity events for the blind as one of her projects as title-holder. April revealed in her interviews that the Mrs. Florida pageant opened the doors for her to inspire a greater number of people. 

Significant Roles of Mrs. Florida Pageant Winner

Successfully competing in the pageant exposes the title holder to meaningful functions and activities by organizations that stand for a good cause. From simple beginnings, a woman joining the contest will be opened to greater possibilities. The Mrs. Florida pageant firmly believes in giving equal opportunities for all aspiring beauty queens. These incredible opportunities will always make joining and winning Mrs. Florida an experience of a lifetime to anyone. The pageant is the empowerment of the married woman and enablement of her to give back to society what is worth more than the material prices she is privileged to enjoy. 

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