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Miss Orlando Pageant: Prestige and Fame for Young Women

Glitz, glamour, charm, intellect, and talent are the major characteristics a woman should possess in order to succeed in Miss Orlando Pageant. This pageant is one of the most prestigious local beauty pageants that showcase the beauty and competence of the teens and young women in Orlando.

This beauty pageant comes in two categories: Miss Orlando’s Outstanding Teen pageant; and Miss Orlando pageant. Miss Orlando pageant also paves the way for teens and young women in the locality to be able to compete in a more prestigious beauty pageant, which is none other than Miss Florida Teen and Miss Florida.

The History of Miss Orlando Pageant miss orlando pageant

Basically, Miss Orlando Pageant is an organization that provides the preliminary competition for women to enter to the Miss Florida and Miss America beauty pageants. The Miss America organization is regarded as the largest provider of educational scholarships for women throughout the world. From its inception, the Miss Orlando pageant this has been providing educational scholarships to many women who succeed in the beauty pageant.

The Miss Orlando pageant was established almost 8 decades ago. It was in the year 1933 when they first fielded a candidate in the Miss Florida pageant. Since then, there are now 60 women who have held the Miss Orlando title.

Meanwhile, it was only in the year 2004 when the first Miss Orlando’s Outstanding Teen pageant was held. But from the time it started, there are already three titleholders who have worn the national crown. One of them is Elizabeth Fechtel who won as Miss Orlando’s Outstanding Teen in 2011 and was awarded as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

The Purpose of Miss Orlando Pageant

Miss Orlando pageant is known for providing educational scholarship and other opportunities to women. This is committed to promote academic excellence, arts in Central Florida, and community service.

In the year 2011 alone, there were 30 beautiful and talented young women who contended for the titles and for their share of not less than $26,000 worth of amount for educational scholarships. Some of the candidates who won the title of Miss Orlando pageant and an educational scholarship are Amanda Harris who received $8,000 worth of educational scholarship and Sara York who won an educational scholarship that amounts to $4,000.

The Rules and Rewards When Joining Miss Orlando Pageant

Because Miss Orlando Pageant is a preliminary competition of Miss Florida and Miss America, this pageant reflects the same rules of the two mentioned beauty pageants. The rules are simple but are strict. Women who will join this competition should be between 17 to 24 years old. The teens on the other hand should be between 13 to 18 years old. All candidates should be a natural born citizen and residents of Florida for not less than six months. All teens and women should have never been married or have annulled a marriage. All candidates should be naturally born female and have never given birth to a child.

The rewards that will be given to the candidates are worth thousands of dollars in the form of educational scholarship and the chance to represent Central Florida in more prestigious beauty pageants.

The Remarkable Winners of Miss Orlando Pageant

Many of the successful women who have won in Miss Orlando pageant have marked their name in the industry and have served as an inspiration to young teens. One of them is Delta Burke who won the title of Miss Florida in the year 1974 and represented the state in Miss America where she also won the talent award. Melissa Holt who won in Miss Orlando pageant in 1995 had won as the third runner up in Miss Florida competition. She also starred in Les Miserables on Broadway and served as a judge of Miss Orlando pageant in 2010.

Another remarkable title holder of Miss Orlando pageant is Ericka Dunlap who became the first African-American to win the title of Miss Florida and Miss America.

Overall, Miss Orlando pageant is a very rewarding competition. Women who succeed in this pageant will not only earn educational scholarships but also get better opportunities to build their name in this industry.

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