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Miss Heart of America: The Pageant with a Purpose

The Miss Heart of America, also known as “pageant with a purpose,” is a mail-in or online pageant. They offer city, state, and national titles to contestants who want to join the program. The pageant focuses on teaching the participants the importance of helping their communities. 

The Miss Heart of America pageant strives to offer contestants the chance to build new and lasting friendship, develop self-esteem and have fun at the same time. In addition, this pageant encourages the contestants to also interact with various organizations in their respective communities and grab the opportunity to participate in charitable works like Children’s Hospitals, the Humane Society, and the March of Dimes. 

Miss Heart of America CharitiesMiss Heart Of America

The Miss Heart of America organization has had numerous programs over the years geared towards helping the community. For example, they sponsored several fund raising activities through pageants. With these special charity pageants, they were able to help the American Cancer Society and hospitalized kids in North Florida. Aside from funds generated through the pageant, they also conduct community food drives. Up to this time, Miss Heart of America continues to bring smiles to the less fortunate and the disadvantaged in the surrounding communities.

Changes in the Miss Heart of America Pageant

The pageant was first known as Miss Heart of America but they change their name to Miss Heart of the USA in 2011. The organization currently holds state pageants in the states of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, and South Carolina. 

Miss Heart of America Online

Those who want to join the pageant have to compete at the state level before they can register for the national level. However, if Miss Heart of America has no preliminaries in their hometown, aspiring candidates can register as an appointed state queen. Applicants have to submit their filled up entry forms, pay the entry fees, and send them together with essays or photos for the particular category of their choice.

The city pageants are not judged basing on their beauty or physical attributes. The girls are chosen by the way they answer the interview questions on the entry form. Only those who want to join the Beauty Category are required to send photos.

Winners in each of the stated division get various prizes and offers. For example, they can receive a rhinestone crown, a rhinestone pin, monogrammed Miss Heart of America County Sash and paid entry fees for the next pageant level.

Miss Heart of America Different Age Divisions

Age 0-23 months compete for Baby Miss
Ages 2-4 years compete for Tiny Miss
Ages 5-7 compete for Little Miss
Ages 8-10 compete for Petite Miss
Ages 11-13 compete for Junior Miss
Ages 14-16 compete for Teen Miss
Ages 17-23 compete for Miss
Ages 24 upwards compete for Mrs

Miss Heart of America Awards

The highest honors include titles that contestants have to earn. Miss Heart of the USA awards several titles to deserving candidates. They can get the Queen of Hearts, Community Queen and as an Ambassador. The Supreme Beauty title is given to candidates who earned the highest score in all the categories.

The Queen of Hearts title is considered as the best since the candidate has been able to contribute in the cause of the pageant. It is given to the contestant who brings the most amounts of non-perishable foodstuffs on the specific day of their pageant. The contestants in the Miss Heart of America have to turn in at least ten non-perishable foodstuffs at each of the pageants. At the national levels, the contestants are expected to turn in 25 or more foodstuffs.

The Good Values that Miss Heart of America Gives

The Miss Heart of America is truly an inspiring organization that seeks to help the community. The pageant is focused on raising funds for charity or in conducting community food drives. The program has so far given more than half a million non-perishable foodstuffs to various nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

It is for these reasons that they are called the pageant with a purpose. The organization strives to get on board young women who will help their respective communities at all levels. Besides improving their personality, the girls are thought how to give back to the less privileged in their community.

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