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For years, beauty pageants serve as a way for women to determine who among them beholds the most outstanding beauty. This is the reason why winning in prestigious beauty pageants brings great achievement for a woman. Here in Florida, the beauty pageant that can give a woman with the highest prestige and glory is Miss Florida USA and Miss Florida America.

However, the way to Miss Florida is not easy. There are many challenging requirements that have to be met before a woman can join the competition. But through this, only the most deserving women are able to make their way to these very prestigious beauty pageants. The tough process is very essential as these two Miss Florida pageants serves as their gateway to represent the state in the Miss USA and Miss America competitions. Miss Florida

The Essential Preparations When Joining Miss Florida

Women who dream to join Miss Florida beauty pageants should first prepare to meet all the requirements in these competitions. For women who have not yet qualified to any local preliminary beauty pageant should first earn their merits.

With the many city and regional beauty pageants that are being held in Florida, women have a lot of choices that will help them qualify to Miss Florida beauty pageants.

The Rules of Miss Florida and the Responsibilities of a Winner

Generally speaking, the rules of Miss Florida beauty pageant are simple but candidates must follow all the necessary requirements. Women between 18 to 26 years old can join the Miss Florida USA competition while those competing in the Miss Florida Scholarship pageant must be 17 to 24 years old. All candidates must be American citizens and residents of Florida for six months. These women should be single and have never been married or have made a marriage annulled. They should be naturally born female and have never given birth to a child. 

The title holder of Miss Florida USA is responsible in representing the state in Miss USA competition while the Miss Florida Scholarship pageant winner will compete in the Miss America pageant.

Both winners in the said pageants are expected to make many public appearances. She will appear at social events, charity events, retirement homes, ride in parades, and many more. Hence, the title holder should vitally hone her communication and social skills.

Successful Miss Florida Winners

One of the successful title holders of Miss Florida USA was Cheryl Patton. She became the Miss USA in the year 1967, which was originally awarded to Sylvia Hitchcock of Alabama who needed to give up the title after she reigned in Miss Universe beauty pageant. Patton was the first Miss Florida to reign as Miss USA. Meanwhile, Marcia Valibus (1958) and Helen Cabrera (1987) have won the first runners-up in Miss USA. The second runner-up in the same prestigious beauty pageant in the country is Nanita Greene in 1959 and Barbara Browser in 1980. The lists of Miss Florida title holders who had successfully represented the state in Miss USA are numerous.

Meanwhile, Kristina Janolo is one of the popular winners in the Miss Florida Scholarship pageant. In 1992, Miss Florida Leanza Cornett won the Miss America crown. Miss Florida Ericka Dunlap won another crown for the state when she bagged the Miss America title in 2003.

Truly, the path to enter the Miss Florida beauty pageant is tough. However, this competition is sure to be very fulfilling especially for those women who will outstand in this prestigious beauty pageant. The success and many opportunities that have opened for beautiful Florida women are overflowing so it is not surprising that many women join Miss Florida pageants.

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