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Miss Florida America: Stepping Stone to Becoming America’s Ultimate Sweetheart

From its maiden live broadcast in 1954, where around 27 million Americans watched in awe the stunning parade of America’s most beautiful women, the Miss America beauty pageant has since won the fancy of millions of young American beauties.

For them, to be crowned as Miss America is one achievement they could be proud of years and decades after they had made their first walk across the pageant stage as America’s fairest young lady. And, who can blame them? The Miss America beauty pageant is more than a contest of beauty, but more importantly, a test of true character.miss florida america

However, an aspiring Miss America candidate must first hurdle one huge obstacle en route to the coveted title. They have to win in the state preliminaries like the Miss Florida America elimination.

An estimated 12 thousand aspirants join in the local and state pageants to make it among the 52 lucky young women who will battle it out in the Miss America contest. Such intense competition is one way of ensuring that only the best and brightest American girls will make it to the coveted Miss America title.

For young women in Florida, it’s the Miss Florida America beauty pageant that they have to win first as the penultimate step to winning the Miss America crown.

Miss Florida America: Winning It Small to Win It Big

As mentioned, young women residing in Florida must first bag the Miss Florida America title for the right to represent the state in the prestigious Miss America competition.

Just like in typical beauty pageants, candidates in the said pageant are also subjected to rigorous tests and rules to assess each candidate’s character, wit and talent. There, they are all constantly being gauged by pageant organizers in order to polish their characters in preparation for the even tougher Miss America competition.

Hence, every Miss Florida America candidate should treat the pageant as seriously as they would Miss America since it is the small step that would eventually lead her to the bigger avenue of showcasing her true beauty.

How to Prepare for Miss Florida America

Beauty is not everything, particularly in the Miss Florida America competition. As such, aspirants should strive to ensure that they meet or even exceed the set qualifications and qualities required of and expected from every Miss Florida America participant.

Here are a few simple tips that could make or break an aspirant’s chances of winning the Miss Florida America crown:

  • Know the pageant qualifications and requirements. Some candidates in beauty pageants are so eager to join that they tend to forget to follow very specific instructions and requirements set by organizers of the Miss Florida America. As a result, some ultimately get disqualified over minor technicalities that could’ve been avoided. Even a simple overlooked detail like providing a certified true copy of documents pertaining to a candidate’s identity could lead to disqualification. Hence, by all means, follow pageant rules to the letter.
  • Polish your acts. Keep in mind that you are up against several other candidates who are as eager, or much more eager, to win the title than you do. Hence, ensure that you’re more than adequately prepared to impress the crowd, and most importantly, the judges. Prepare a very good talent/production number, practice elegant strides on the catwalk, or anticipate hard questions —perfecting yourself on these facets of the pageant could spell the difference between winning and losing.
  • Be the most confident pageant candidate. Remember that beauty is sometimes secondary only to wit and grace in a pageant. Hence, project a confident stance during the entire pageant conduct. The judges will surely notice it, giving you the votes you need to bag the Miss Florida America title.

Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll surely have a greater chance of winning the prestigious Miss Florida America crown.

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