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Major Beauty Pageants in Orlando Florida: Up Close and Personal

The Sunshine State is among the most active U.S. states when it comes to holding beauty pageants. Maybe, this is because the people of Florida naturally have the knack for making things livelier, more fun, and sunnier. Or perhaps, it is due to an innate competitive nature that Floridians possess.

But, whatever the real reason may be, the end result is still unmistakable — we get to witness a stunning parade of beautiful, talented, and extraordinary young women who are out to change the world in the ways they know best.

Meanwhile, among the most actively-participating counties in the state of Florida is Orlando, home to basketball franchise Orlando Magic. Here, pageant contestants are what make things magical.

A Closer Look at Beauty Pageants in Orlando, Floridabeauty pageants in orlando florida

As mentioned, Florida, particularly in Orlando, a lot of beauty pageants are being held, which draw hundreds of aspiring beauty queens and thousands of audiences.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best and most prestigious beauty pageants in Orlando, Florida:

The Miss Florida Pageant. This pageant is perhaps the most prestigious among all of the different pageants held in Orlando. The Miss Florida Pageant is the official Miss America preliminary contest. Winners of this state pageant are given college scholarships and other prizes. Judging criteria include candidates’ performances in judges’ interview, swimwear contest, evening gown competition, and on-the-spot question. 

The Miss Florida Teen USA. This particular pageant is among the most sought-after beauty pageants in Orlando, Florida. It is the recognized qualifying pageant for the Miss Teen USA Pageant owned by billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump, also of the Miss Universe Pageant. The personality of the candidates is very important in this contest. They also vie for the swimsuit and evening gown competition. It is the pageant to join if you’re a teenage girl who wants a taste of the pageant world for young beauties.

The Miss Heart of the USA. This pageant is also called "Pageant Program with a Purpose". This pageant holds efforts to provide food to a lot of people. This is a perfect pageant to join if you’re someone with a soft spot for homeless people or those without the right means to earn a living.

Why Join Orlando Pageants?

With all the pressure and hardship that a pageant candidate has to endure just to land a place in one of the many beauty pageants in Orlando Florida, it is interesting to know what really pushes a teenage girl to pursue joining. The answers are actually quite simple.

Fame. This one is a giveaway, if we’ll consider the obvious fact that winners in beauty pageants almost instantly become overnight celebrities of sort. Among the best perks of being a pageant title holder is the recall and recognition among people, especially those who are acquaintance with the winners. Hence, a lot of aspirants tend to forget all the hassles of joining in the hope of becoming famous in the end.

Prizes. Many beauty pageants in Orlando Florida, especially those with big-names sponsors, hand out some very handsome and extravagant prize packages. Some pageants offer scholarship grants to high schools and universities, others give exclusive weekend getaways. There are also pageants that provide candidates and winners with the chance to participate in community efforts or humanitarian activities.

Personality Boost. While many contestants join for the fame and little fortune, there are candidates who join to improve their personal character. Since beauty pageants in Orlando Florida require all candidates to present themselves before large audiences, candidates develop their self-esteem, grace, and personal convictions. Such opportunity to become a better person can lure many young girls into joining a beauty pageant.

Whichever of these is your ultimate reason for joining any of the various beauty pageants in Orlando Florida, keep in mind that the true measure of beauty is not on the perks of winning the title, but on the inner fulfillment that participation in such activities gives.

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