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Glitz Pageants:  A Celebration of Youth, Fun, Beauty, and Bling

They say that middle age is such an exciting phase in life. If you are in the 30- or 40-something, life will become some sort of magic carpet ride, with new adventures, more fun experiences, and yes, bigger ‘blings’ (those bold and shiny fashion accessories celebrities and hip-hop artists are known to wear).

Well, they say wrongly.

If you’re a teenage girl or a parent of one, you don’t have to argue lengthily with anyone who’ll oppose your view that middle age is the best phase in one’s life. You only have to take them to one of the hottest and most exciting youth events that have been sweeping the nation lately — glitz pageants.

What Glitz Pageants Areglitz pageants

Unlike traditional pageants where candidates are expected to show glamour, finesse, and all the other lady-like serious stuff, glitz pageants are a celebration of the magic of youth — everything that’s glitzy, glamorous, fun, and fab!

Here, all contestants’ need is to showcase their inner beauty, wit, fun nature, and the pomp and glitzy air of a true energetic youth. Unlike the candidates of other beauty pageants, aspirants in a glitz pageant are judged not just on their beauty, talent, and brains, but mainly on how fun, carefree, and confident they are in front of a large audience.

In a glitz pageant, fun and glamour are always fab and priceless.

Age Bracket of a Glitz Pageant

Participation in this type of pageant is generally open to girls aged below 7 to 18 years old. Usual pageant attire is personalized, glitzy, and generally reflects the contestants’ personality.

Contestants in the 0-7 glitz pageants bracket may join different contests such as the party doll where they dress up like their favourite doll, which they should bring with them. They are usually required to wear party dresses that are knee length, and with white closed toed shoes with lace anklet socks.

Candidates in the 8-17 glitz pageants bracket, meanwhile, are generally required to compete in the sportswear and evening dress contests, and must undergo the interview session with the judges.

Here, the sportswear contest is usually the most-awaited part since candidates are garbed in glitzy, colourful, and stunning sports apparel to wow the audience and the panel of judges.

Florida Glitz Pageants’ Particulars

Florida, home to fine beaches, beautiful sun, and fun people also holds glitz pageants such as the All American Glitz Girl, which is among the glitziest pageants in the Sunshine State.

This particular pageant has three installments, namely: the Preliminary Division (with 16 winners), the Preliminary High Point (where 5 winners are selected), and the Preliminary Supreme (with only one winner). Winners in all these pageants get passes to join the much-awaited state finals.

There is also the Little Miss Glitz for pretty, young, and glitzy girls. Candidates in this glitz pageant are categorized according to certain brackets, namely: girls aged 0-3 may join the Miss Tot contest; aged 4-7, the Mini Miss; 8-12 the Young Miss; 13-15, the Jr. Miss; and 16-18, the Teen Miss.

On the Way to Glitz Glory

The local Little Miss Glitz Pageants winners get the chance to represent their respective states in the Nationals, where they compete with other equally talented, beautiful, and glitzy candidates for the right to be called the glitziest young American teen.

Most other Florida glitz pageants have preliminary, state, and national competitions. This makes bagging the national title doubly hard, yet hugely fulfilling. In all these glitz contests, candidates are expected to display what a true glitz beauty is — fabulous, young, free-spirited, and fun.

So, if you’re looking forward to joining one of Florida’s exciting glitz pageants, you should keep in mind to be the glitziest and most fun you can. Just be the ultimate epitome of glitz and glam, and you’re sure to get the crown and enjoy the bliss of glitz glory.

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