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Preparing for Major Florida Pageants

Florida pageants have been among the most awaited events every year in the state, making people more and more inclined to arts and entertainment.  On the other hand, the candidates in such pageants are led to easier opportunities to get into the business of modeling and perhaps, acting. In short, many ladies desire to enter pageants to use the chance as their stepping stone towards the entertainment business. If you are among these ladies who want the information about the different beauty pageants around Florida, then you must read on.

The Major Florida PageantsFlorida Pageants

If you are looking for the major Florida pageants, they are the following:

  1. Miss Florida

This pageant is for teens, college students and all single ladies who are below 24 years of age. If you are joining this pageant, you have to be ready with the judges’ interview, question and answer, talent competition, evening wear competition, and swimsuit competition.

  1. Miss Florida USA

Miss Florida USA candidates should be between 18 and 26 years of age. On the other hand, Miss Florida Teen USA candidates should be between 13 and 18 years of age. Candidates will be judged based on personality, evening gown and swimsuit.

  1. Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen

If you aspire for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen title, then you have to join the Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen Pageant. For you to be able to join this pageant, you have to be below 24 years of age.

  1. Miss Florida Teen USA

Winner of this pageant will compete in the Miss Teen USA pageant. Here, you will be judged according to personality, evening gown and swimsuit. Each of these categories counts equally.

  1. Mrs. Florida America

The Mrs. America is part of the fastest-growing pageant system in the country. It has emerged among the events of its kind and annually attracts thousands of women representing different parts of our society.

Participate in Preliminaries of Florida Pageants

The Miss Florida pageant winner is a sure contender in the Miss America Scholarship pageant which is being held in Orlando. The Miss Florida USA and Miss Teen Florida USA, which is the official preliminary pageant to the Trump-owned Miss USA, is held at Hollywood. Both Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen and Mrs. Florida America are held in Orlando. Winners in these preliminaries will compete in Miss Teen USA pageant and Mrs. America pageant respectively.

For you to be a winner of these Florida pageants, you must be at least 17 years of age and not older than 24 years by December 31st of the year you will join.

A Better Career by Joining Florida Pageants

For those who want to make it to the show business, joining any of these pageants may open the doors. If a lady has the x-factor and a talent manager happens to discover her, then it can be an instant fame or if not, a gradual success from TV endorsement to major appearances on TV shows or even movies.

In case you are aspiring to be one of those successful Florida beauty queens, then make sure that you are updated with the screening schedules of the various Florida pageants. You can put that in a pageant calendar and jot down the requirements of the respective events. 

It is not impossible to be successful if you are determined to reach your goal. If you want to pursue a career on TV or the big screen, then your beauty, brains, height and charm can push you right to the top. In case you think you still lack something, be certain about it and study how to improve it. Any weakness can be worked out if you have clear goals.

Remember that it is not easy to get the crown in any of these Florida pageants but you need to stay focused on your pursuit. Live your dream. There are many Florida Pageants where you can join; just make sure that you are updated with the dates and requirements. And most importantly, be prepared.

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Preparing for Major Florida Pageants