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Community Food Drive Pageants – The Essence, Process, and Impacts

Real beauty is within, as they always say. After all, physical beauty is only superficial. A beautiful lady with an undesirable personality will never be attractive. That is why every pageant in the world preserves the morale and character of candidates. Some pageants go beyond that. They even promote humanitarian efforts in variety of forms like a community food drive.

The Essence of Food Drive Pageant

Only few people know that hunger kills more people every year than tuberculosis, malaria, and AIDS combined. If these diseases are epidemic, then how much more is hunger? One in every seven persons will go to bed hungry. If that’s quite a cloudy representation, then think of it in a different perspective. Combine the populations of the European Union, Canada, and the USA. The number of people who are hungry is more than that. community food drive

Hunger can depreciate the mental ability of a person. So if more people can eat enough, more people can become productive. With community food drive sponsored by beauty pageants, it is possible to help not just one but hundreds, if not millions, of hungry people.

How Pageant’s Community Food Drive Works

Having a community food drive is just one of the activities of a charitable beauty pageant. These are commonly done on the less privileged sectors of the community. A school, for instance, may hold a beauty pageant to buy new sets of computers or to fund a scholarship program. Beauty pageants with a community food drive program do have the same objective. But how do they work?

There are many ways to raise money to fund a food drive. A relief charity beauty pageant may require contestants to donate a certain amount of food. There are also contests that ask for monetary contribution in a form of registration fee. Some would also sell tickets for watching the contest and the money from that will be donated to food banks.

But since pageants with community food drive are primarily aimed for raising funds for the cause, a big factor in winning the contest is how much a candidate can raise. This is not always the case, though. Sometimes, the donated amount does not affect how candidates are judged.

Benefits and Impacts

Beneficiaries will surely enjoy the best benefits and impacts of a community food drive. They would have food to eat and can finally go on with their normal day without going hungry. But there are beautiful benefits and impacts to the candidates as well.

Promoting charitable works in a pageant promotes generosity and develops sympathy and empathy. All these are achieved while the contestants build confidence, develop self-esteem, and establish long-lasting friendship with other candidates.

For the society, a pageant with community food drive publicizes the goodness of helping people and how can a beauty contest be brought to the next level.

Some Local and National Food Drive Pageants

Every beauty pageant in the world can drive funds and use these to anyway they want. Some pageants would choose to have a community food drive this year but they might choose to help cancer patients the next year. Take for example the Miss Greek Goddess Pageant. It is held annually to benefit local and national service organizations. Last year, it has chosen a local food bank as the lucky beneficiary.

The most popular community food drive pageant in the USA is the Miss Heart of the USA. It is a national pageant, but also holds state-wide competitions like in Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana as preliminaries. Some city-wide preliminaries are also held in preparation for the national competition. But all these—national or local—benefit the hungry people.

Everyone has his own definition of real beauty. But for a community food drive pageant, real beauty is beauty of character that promotes helping other people. No more flashy, fancy, and fake showcase of beauty, but only real beautiful people with beautiful personalities.

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