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Fabulous Beauty Pageants in Tampa Florida

Whether for plain fun or for boosting self-confidence, joining some of the beauty pageants in Tampa Florida is certainly a great idea. But why choose Tampa? Joining the various pageants in the city can be your first step in competing for a national or an international title.

Gasparilla PageantBeauty Pageants In Tampa Florida

The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a very popular festival in Tampa, Florida, attracting more than a million audiences. The main parade is the most popular. It attracts over 300,000 spectators. Why not? It’s entertaining to witness the live re-enactment of Jose Gaspar’s mythical invasion of the city. If you love the parade, then you’ll love being one of the stars of the parade. You can do that after winning a Gasparilla Pageant title.

Since the festival is world-renown, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Gasparilla Pageant is now considered to be one of the most popular beauty pageants in Tampa Florida. Every beautiful girl or woman, and even a man, will have a place in this pageant.

The pageant is being held every January to February. Like many other beauty pageants in Tampa Florida, joining the Gasparilla pageant is easy but it also requires a registration fee.

Beauty is not the only major factor in winning the Gasparilla title. Judges look for candidates who can be a good role model and represent the Tampa Bay area. Pride and dignity are highly valued and expressed through public appearances, community service, and a lot more.

Prizes in this pageant are also as great as other beauty pageants in Tampa Florida. Winners usually receive jewelries, gifts certificates, and many other prizes from the sponsors. You’ll also hold the crown for a year and make television and print appearances.

Miss Tampa

If Gasparilla is that popular, wait ‘till you see how popular Miss Tampa is. This is the oldest scholarship pageant in the state and a part of the Miss America Pageant family. It is one of the scholarship beauty pageants in Tampa Florida.

As its category defines, Miss Tampa offers scholarship for the winning contestants. It has already given away $150 million worth of scholarships for the ladies. Besides scholarship grants, the pageant is also the gateway to the more prestigious beauty pageant, Miss America.

The contestants are judged based on personal interviews, talent, lifestyle and fitness, evening wear, and onstage question.

Miss Tampa USA

The various beauty pageants in Tampa Florida can lead to national competitions. But if you’re eyeing for an international competition, then start your way on Miss Tampa USA. This is the preliminary for Miss Florida USA. The winner will represent the state in the Miss USA competition. The winner in Miss USA will be the official representative of the country to the Miss Universe pageant.

The beauty pageant is open to women who are 18 to 26 years old. They must have stayed in Tampa for at least six months, must have never been married, divorced, or annulled, never given birth, and a naturally born female to qualify.

The contest has three categories—Interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown. The winner will receive different fabulous gifts from the sponsors, which could range from elegant gowns to beauty accessories. Of course, there will be the crown, sash, and the chance to join the more prestigious beauty contests.

Other Beauty Pageants in Tampa Florida

These three are not the only beauty pageants in Tampa Florida. Other pageant organizers are also there to give chance for special groups of beauties. There’s the baby pageant called Miss Tampa Bay Pageant that happens every October. The Little Miss Winter Wonderland also serves for young ladies. The Miss New Tampa Pageant also has a division for young ladies. But it also has a division for 20 years old and older women.

There sure are a lot of beauty pageants in Tampa Florida. These pageants can help all the contestants build confidence and fulfill their dream of becoming the next beauty queen from Tampa Florida.

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