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Beauty Pageants in Orlando Florida: The Conventional to the Uniquely Exciting

It would be a shame if there are no beauty pageants in Orlando Florida. The city is called “The City Beautiful,” after all. And its more than 48 million visitors every year believe that, too. No wonder why it has been the chosen events place for national and even international beauty pageants. Plus, the city is famous for having beautiful women. So why not hold its very own beauty pageants in Orlando Florida, too?

Miss OrlandoBeauty pageants in orlando florida

Most of the prestigious beauty pageants in Orlando Florida are the official preliminaries for a state-wide beauty pageant. Miss Orlando is one of these competitions. It is similar to Miss Tampa, which is also a preliminary to Miss Florida. This state-wide competition is the official preliminary for choosing the state’s representative for Miss America. This national pageant is one of the earliest in the world and the biggest women scholarship provider worldwide.

Miss Orlando has been running since 1933. But unlike other beauty pageants in Orlando Florida, this is a scholarship pageant aimed at helping contestants fund their education. Miss Orlando often happens in February while Miss America is usually held on January of the following year.

To qualify, contestants have to be 17 to 24 years old and a citizen of the city. They should have the ambition and talent to win this contest.

Miss Pride of Orlando

Want something out of the ordinary? Try joining one of the most exciting beauty pageants in Orlando Florida—the Miss Pride of Orlando. This is a part of the Come Out with Pride festival, the signature LGBT Pride event of Central Florida.

The pageant is unique on its own because it is not about beauty but about a thrilling performance. It is one of the most popular drag beauty pageants in Orlando Florida. Female impersonators will be the winners of the event and will be featured in the festival’s ceremonies and events.

The talent show will be the highlight of the competition. But there is also the traditional evening gown competition and the Q & A portion. Come Out with Pride, along with the pageant and related events, happens every October.

Miss Orlando Carnival Queen Pageant

Just like the Miss Pride of Orlando, this is also one of the most interesting beauty pageants in Orlando Florida and tied to a festival—the Orlando Carnival. This pageant is now one of the most awaited events in the city.

Miss Orlando Carnival Queen promotes the display of inner beauty and intellect. Creativity is also an important factor since contestants are judged through their carnival costume, talent, and evening wear. This fun-filled beauty pageant happens every May.

Other Beauty Pageants in Orlando Florida

The three mentioned pageants are only few of the many beauty pageants in Orlando Florida. There are more to choose from. The various pageants in Orlando is open to individuals who want to show off their beauty—be it physical, inner beauty, or beauty based on talent.

Bigger beauty pageants like Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Earth all have their Orlando versions. There are also those that are not so popular yet very exotic kinds of pageants like the Miss Orlando Caribbean. Spectators of beauty pageants in Orlando Florida will never get bore with the wide varieties of competitions.

Aside from beauty pageants, the city is also known for its popular tourist attractions like the Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and the Orange County Convention Center. The city also has a lot of fabulous hotels. It is in fact second to Las Vegas in the largest number of hotel rooms.

Orlando is certainly the perfect location for beauty contests. No wonder why beauty pageants in Orlando Florida are not just mere entertainment but testaments of the city’s edge on the tourism industry.

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