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Beauty Pageants in Florida: How to Bag the Coveted Crown

Indeed, there is more to Florida than just stunning flowers, captivating beaches, and, well, exciting Miami Heat. Aside from these national icons, Florida is also home to another source of national and international pride —beauty pageants.

Miss Florida USA: The Ultimate Florida Beauty PageantBeauty Pageants In Florida

As the case is with other U.S. states, the Miss Florida USA is the Sunshine State’s most coveted beauty pageant. The eventual winner of this ultimate test of Florida women’s beauty, brains, talent, and character gets to represent the state in the even more prestigious Miss USA pageant. Simply put, Miss Florida USA is the pageant to beat all beauty pageants in Florida.

Although the state is yet to produce a bona fide winner in the Miss USA pageant, it has had some success in the past. The most notable of these include:

  1. Cheryl Patton, 1967 —Although initially winning 2nd runner-up, Ms. Patton eventually held the Miss USA crown when the original title holder won the Miss Universe crown.
  1. Marcia Valibus (1958), Clo Cabrera (1987) — These Florida beauties brought great pride to the state when they both bagged 1st runners-up honors in their respective years of joining Miss USA.
  1. Nanita Greene (1959), Barbara Bowser (1980) — Both Greene and Bowser were awarded 2nd runners-up when they joined the Miss USA, adding to the state’s long list of past winners.

Other Key Pageants

There are also other beauty pageants in Florida key cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and the like. Some of the most notable pageants include the Miss Springtime Florida and Miss Pink Pageant. The state also hosts several qualifying contests to international beauty pageants, such as the Miss Florida Beautiful contests.

With teen and women categories, The Miss Florida Beautiful competitions are all qualifying stages for the Miss Beautiful International pageant with a tagline, “Beauty Inside and Out.” The said beauty pageants in Florida contests are open to women and girls from ages 13 and up.

Preparing for the Pageant

As any veteran and famous pageant contestants would surely put it, joining and preparing for any of the beauty pageants in Florida is by no means a walk in the park.

For one, each aspiring beauty queen has to be prepared holistically. Beauty is not everything when it comes to such highly competitive pageants, since each candidate is judged on several key points, namely:

  1. Grace. There may be a lot of gorgeous and stunning women out there but not all of them possess grace under pressure. As such, every aspiring candidate in any of the beauty pageants in Florida must display unmistakable grace in any part of the competition to stand a chance in winning the title.
  1. Character. The best and most enduring legends in the beauty pageant world all possess a sterling and wonderful set of character traits that set them far apart from the rest. Hence, candidates must have enduring qualities that would endear them to the crowd, the judges, and their fellow contestants as well.
  1. Wit and talent. The most successful candidates in the various beauty pageants in Florida are all epitome of extraordinary talent and awe-inspiring wit. So, candidates who wish to be remembered not just for her beauty, but for her brains as well should possess and enhance these two traits.

Winning the Crown

With everything that has been said about beauty pageants in Florida, it all boils down to how aspiring beauty queens handle the immense pressure, stress, and physical and mental demands that joining in such competitions entail.

Since each candidate share the same wish of winning the title, aspirants should strive hard to be the best in all aspects of the competition. But, most importantly, they must work hard to improve themselves — their self-confidence, talent, and distinct character traits. And yes, even their flaws.

As what a seasoned contestant in beauty pageants in Florida once said, the biggest competitor in any contest is none other than one’s self.

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