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A Glimpse of the Beauty Pageants in Florida for Kids

One of the few things that have become very popular with parents is the beauty pageants in Florida for kids. These events are held every year for two important purposes: producing a source of entertainment and providing confidence to children on public platform. The beauty pageants in Florida for kids are considered by most parents as an avenue for their children to enter the professional modeling arena. There are a lot of successful personalities in the show business who started from such pageants for kids. They are now looked up to by the kids who join the competition.

Being a part of the competition is one thing and being well prepared for it is a totally different thing, that’s why you need a good head-start over the others to make it big. If you are serious about getting your child enter these pageants then the very first thing you should be doing is to gather all the information about these pageants and then go about short listing the ones where you feel your child should participate in.

List of Beauty Pageants in Florida for Kidsbeauty pageants in florida for kids

Below are the most prominent pageants for kids held in Florida which can help get your child noticed:

1. Sunshine Regional Our Little Miss - This is one of the very popular beauty pageants in Florida for kids that is organized every year. The child will compete in categories such as interviews, playtime, modeling in casuals, modeling in formals and others. The good thing about this pageant is that it is all conducted in a playful environment. The winners will get a trophy, a robe and several prizes.

2. Our Little Miss Florida- another popular scholarship pageant that has several levels of competition. Various categories are available starting from babies and toddlers to pre-teens and teens. Winners in the state’s Our Little Miss will have the chance to compete in the World competition. This competition is also focused on leadership, character and community service.

3. Little Miss and Mr. Cutie Patootie - This is one of the unique beauty pageants in Florida for kids since parents are involved. Participants can compete in the beauty contest level or join the optional categories. These categories require a fee from $10 to $15.  Kids are judged based on facial beauty, personality and overall stage presence.

4. Miss American Darling - This is one of the few events that couples with community service and lots of fun for the kids. The kids can participate in categories such as toddler, children and teen categories.

5. Miss Hialeah USA Little Sister- this is one of the beauty pageants in Florida for kids that is an elimination round to the Miss Florida Teen USA competition. The two categories of this pageant are children and preteen.

6. Miss Teen Orlando - you should consider making your child participate in this event because winning this event would entitle her to represent the city in the Miss Florida Teen USA competition. The winner will receive special trainings as well as personality development coaching among several others.

Benefits of Participating in These Events

By letting your child participate in the various beauty pageants in Florida for kids, you could help them build their self confidence, improve their personality and probably get a good career in the future. This kind of competition will also improve the social skills of your child.

If your child does manage to impress the judges and the audience, then it could be the beginning of new great opportunities for your child. These beauty pageants in Florida for kids can open a modeling career for your child. And of course, these pageants are good training ground for them if you aim for bigger and international beauty pageant competitions.

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