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Beauty Pageants Florida: Making Things Sunnier in the Sunshine State

Aside from the captivating blooms that earned for this place the moniker, “Sunshine State,” there are other equally interesting landmarks and events that make Florida an even sunnier and more fun state to visit.

For one, you have the Everglades, considered as one of the world’s finest national parks, and home to the manatee, the Florida panther, and the American alligator. Then, there are Miami’s exquisite and exciting beaches that spell fun, fun, and more fun. And yes, Florida’s breath-taking coastlines, the longest in the United States, where weary tourists can take a dip and experience nature at its finest.

But, what better way to discover this state’s true beauty and sunny aura than through its regularly-held beauty pageants. Florida, after all, is home to a lot of wonderful surprises. Beauty Pageants Florida

These friendly contests of talent, wit, and beauty always draw thousands of visitors and hundreds of stunning young beauties, all vying for the right to be called the fairest of them all.

Here are two of the most famous beauty pageants Florida that young, talented, and beautiful Florida teens and young ladies could take part in:

The National American Miss: Boosting Young Girls’ Confidence

This competition, unlike most misconception, is not among those typical beauty pageants Florida per se.

Like what its tag line suggests, the National American Miss aims to boost young women’s self-confidence through its various pageant ‘categories’ such as personal introduction, formal wear, communication skills in an interview, and participation in a community involvement project on pageant weekend.

Why Join the National American Miss?

Unlike traditional beauty pageants, Florida hosts a unique set of competitions that are open to young Florida girls, the National American Miss is unique in such a way that it puts premium on, and tries to develop, candidates’ self-esteem and not just focus on their sheer beauty and talent.

The priceless opportunity to develop one’s public-speaking ability and confidence in oneself are just two of the best reasons why deserving and qualified Florida young ladies should join the said competition.

Who Can Join?

The said contest is open to first-timer and experienced in beauty pageants Florida teens. There is a $400 sponsor fee that each candidate is required to pay. Other than this, the said contest is pretty much any candidate’s game.

The Miss Florida American Coed: Discovering True Teenage Beauty

From its introduction in the year 1983, the American Coed Pageants have since then became the United States’ most popular girls’ pageant. Unlike typical beauty pageants, Florida’s American Coed competitions are all meant to be enjoyed by families across the country. The pageant categories are all designed to be strictly age-appropriate and au natural, where organizers ensure that candidates under-13 years don’t wear makeup on stage.

And, most importantly, the contestants to the pageants’ six categories develop self-confidence, camaraderie, and high regard for their respective families.

The Categories

Aspiring candidates may choose from the following categories: Miss Florida American Coed, Teen, Junior Teen, Preteen, Sweetheart or Princess Pageant. These categories have separate and distinct requirements that interested participants must satisfy and excel in.

All of these categories aim to discover the real beauty that is within every teenage beauty pageants Florida candidate. So the key is for the candidate to choose which of the said categories she feels she is best qualified to join, and which one she is most confident to win in.

Choosing which Beauty Pageant to Join

Aside from these two competitions, there are other beauty pageants Florida that young Florida teens could participate in. However, as there are many options, interested candidates should know which to join.

The key in choosing the perfect beauty pageants Florida to join into is to know the pageant’s goals and objectives well. It’s always a wise thing to first know as much information about the prospect pageant as possible. This is to ensure that the aspiring beauty queen will be very much prepared for everything that the pageant will require from all its candidates and not be caught ill-prepared and embarrassed in the end.

So, sign-up for the beauty pageants Florida of your fancy and prepare to contribute to the efforts to make Florida an even sunnier, more fun state to be into.

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