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Choosing the Right Baby Beauty Pageants Florida

Babies are naturally adorable. So it isn’t also surprising for them to have a pageant of their own where everyone can see their beauty and cuteness. The wit of babies is irresistibly fun to witness, too. Because this kind of pageant amuses many audiences, baby beauty pageants Florida alone come in different types and in different age categories. They provide not just entertainment but also a venue for parents to show to the world their precious child.

The Different Types of Baby Beauty Pageants Florida baby beauty pageants florida

Almost everyone in Florida adores the nature of baby beauty pageants. Hence, this place also offers a variety of baby beauty pageants. Each pageant differs from another in some ways. One of the most prominent baby beauty pageants Florida is Sunburst International Star Search. This particular baby beauty pageant is popular enough that it has been featured on local TV, special features on major TV networks, and Discovery Channel.

Another popular baby beauty pageant is the Florida’s Our Little Miss. This type of pageant is committed to providing scholarships to beautiful and talented girls. This is also focused on developing their self-confidence, leadership, and commitment to their community. Meanwhile, Starlight Pageants of Florida is a natural baby beauty pageant. This is perfect for beginners as well as for the experienced ones.

The Different Age Categories of Baby Beauty Pageants Florida

Many of the baby beauty pageants Florida differ on age divisions. Sunburst International Star Search for instance has a lot of age categories, which are divided into two age divisions. These are baby division and 4-27 division. The baby division in particular is composed of six age categories, ranging from under one year old for Baby Queen and King, to one year old for Tiny Queen and King, and to two to three years old for Little Queen and King.

Starlight Pageants of Florida is composed of several age divisions, too. This has 13 age divisions wherein four of these are for baby beauty pageants. There are: Baby Girls, zero to 12 months old; Teeny Girls, 13 to 24 months; Pee Wee Girls, two years old; and Sweetheart Girls, three to four years old. Also, Florida’s Our Little Miss is composed of seven age divisions and two of them are for baby beauty pageants. These range from zero to two years old and three to six years old. 

The Different Rules and Requirements of Baby Beauty Pageants Florida

Because baby beauty pageants Florida have different nature and advocacy, it can be expected that these also vary in rules and requirements. Sunburst International Star Search for one requires its local preliminary finalists and runners-up to pay an entry fee for the state level that amounts to $250. And winners of the state level can go to the International Finals that also requires $450 entry fee.

The Our Little Miss pageant, on the other hand, emphasizes in its rules and requirements that the natural beauty of the candidates must be kept. Ornaments like sequins, jewels, and pearls can be worn on evening gowns and party dress but it is a strict requirement to let the candidate shine more than her adornment.

Starlight Pageants of Florida has varying requirements from their candidates depending on the month of the competition as this follows the theme of the month. For instance, during December where they hold the Annual Holiday Pageant, baby candidates are required to be in their holiday dress, flower girl dress, pageant dress, and the like.

Winners of Baby Beauty Pageants Florida

For parents who would like to allow their child join the many baby beauty pageants Florida, they are advised to look for the one that makes each of its candidates a winner. This is very important in boosting the baby’s self-esteem instead of disappointing him or her.

The three cited baby beauty pageants Florida are good examples of pageants that give recognition to the competitiveness of each of their candidates. Sunburst International Star Search gives each of its candidates with a special trophy, Starlight Pageants gives each of its candidates a trophy, prize and a gift, and Florida’s Our Little Miss blesses each of its candidates with essential teachings and memories they can grow with.    

With the many baby beauty pageants Florida to choose from, parents should take time to carefully consider the particular competition that will help their babies. It has to be the type of pageant that will enhance the sense of competition of babies and will let them have more fun than pressure.

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