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All Natural Beauty Pageants VS Glitz and Glamour

The reinstatement of Jenna Talackova, the first-ever transgender woman to join the Miss Universe contest, sparked a lot of commentaries. Some people are happy with this great change while others are afraid that the prestigious major beauty pageant will soon be ruled by unnatural women. Worse than that, some people even dislike the idea of showing off bodies that have gone under the knife. Though there are those who simply give a shrug.  For fans of natural beauty, there is no need to fret. There are all natural beauty pageants after all. But what makes a pageant all natural, and what makes it different from the conventional glitz and glamour?

What are NOT Allowed in All Natural Beauty Pageants?All Natural Beauty Pageants

As its name implies, all natural beauty pageants promote the nature-given qualities of the contestants. That’s why candidates are not allowed to wear heavy make-up. For instance, Glass Slipper Beauty Pageant and Mr. & Miss Freedom Rings Pageant don’t allow anything falsified.

Women who have undergone surgical enhancements like breast or butt implants, facial contour, nose lift and lip surgery are not qualified to join. Even the simple unnatural beauty enhancements like hair extensions, chemical tans, flipper or the teeth slip-on veneers and heavy make-up are not allowed. Some all natural beauty pageants, like My Royal Crown, may be permissible on hair extensions, false eyelashes or flippers. But contestants’ beauty score will be dropped down to 50 percent, making it almost impossible to win.

What Are Allowed?

Only a little make-up is allowed in all natural beauty pageants. With ‘little’ make-up means wearing only lip gloss and pressed powder to control shine. Wearing clear mascara, blush-on and no-glitter natural-colored eye make-up is sometimes permissible in some competitions. Most all natural beauty pageants, especially those for kids, do not allow foundation, but college and MRS types of beauty contests typically allow wearing of foundation, concealer and colored mascara.

The Conventional Beauty Pageants

The first thing to come to mind when the talk is about beauty pageants is the glittery, shiny and glamorous competitions among women. Yet, all natural beauty pageants are becoming as popular as the conventional competitions. After all, the very first competitions are all natural beauty pageants. Despite that our world today offers more choices on make-up and wear-on enhancements, and cosmetic surgeries and oral beauty supplements are also easily accessible and are becoming more and more affordable, still the natural beauty of women has made its way to compete with conventional beauty pageants.

The Glitz and Glamour Pageants

Nature-given beauties should be celebrated. That’s why more people appreciate women who are naturally beautiful. And the different all natural beauty pageants are held to judge the most beautiful without wearing make-up and glittery gowns. But what about those who are not born beautiful? They clearly have no match. That’s when the glitz and glamour type of beauty pageants becomes a seemingly fair choice.

Glitz and glamour will not care about any surgical enhancements done to achieve beauty. It doesn’t even care about the make-up or any other wear-on enhancements. After all, in our more advanced society, being aesthetically appealing is always possible as long as you have the money and the guts to be so.

Celebrate All Natural Beauty

No one can ever contest to the advocacy of all natural beauty pageants. They celebrate natural and real beauty without the touch of too much make-up or science. Glitz and glamour competitions serve for those who have a different advocacy. But in the end, when the make-up wears out, the flippers and hair extensions are removed, or the plastic surgeries have gone wrong, the natural beauty will still stand out. The human race can never do away with its natural tendency to appreciate natural beauty. And that is why conventional enhancements are available to achieve that seemingly natural beauty that’s celebrated in all natural beauty pageants.

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